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The Warden - First Impressions

By MueR on woensdag 19 november 2008 10:10
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With the release of Lord of the Rings Online: The Mines of Moria, we have seen the addition of the Warden class. After the short introduction to the class earlier, I've been able to play a Warden last night. My first impression: it's good!.


Class basics
The Warden is the second "tank" in the game. For those not familiar with MMO terminology, a tank is a class that will do everything it can to prevent enemies to hit others. The Warden, like the Guardian, is designed to keep an enemy focussed on himself, while the others do the easy work: kill it. Unusual about the Warden is his armour. While tanks typically wear heavy full metal plated armours, the Warden uses a lighter, sturdy leather armour to allow him to move quickly. Relying primarily on their agility rather then sturdyness, this makes the Warden an interesting new approach to tanking.

The Warden uses Spears, Clubs and Swords as primary weapon. While the default setup of the Warden is a spear, the player can choose other weapons if he so desires. In addition to this weapon and his shield, the Warden also uses a ranged weapon; the Javelin.


The Warden has a few skills, potent by themselves. Their real power however, lies in combining these skills, known as a Gambit. From the various developer diaries, a basic understanding of this system could be gained. Sort of. As always, new game mechanics never become really clear until we can actually use them.

http://tweakers.net/ext/f/EPGv3SBiXYG6PNcl3hRCCcuj/full.jpgWhen you start the Warden, this 'Gambit thing' is a wee bit strange. After a few enemy encounters however, you realize it's potency. The logic behind it all is surprisingly simple and you are able to see all your combination possibilities on the character screen. The initial manouvers are simple, with only two skills. As your Warden progresses, you will be able to make Gambits of up to 5 skills, as shown here.

First impression
The Warden is fun to play. Taking on three enemies at a time might be a bit challenging at start, but doable. The damage output is adequate. It cannot match a Champion, Hunter or Rune-Keeper, but it's certainly higher than a Guardian's. The combat feels natural, as does the adoption of the Gambits in your playstyle. There is only one annoyance at the moment: you miss a lot. I've heard from several other Wardens that they miss a fair amount of attacks, so I guess it's a class thinig that will balance itself out in a few levels.

Turbine, you have done a good job on this one. Have a pint, on me! (Coming from a Dutch guy, that says a lot!)

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