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An introduction to Legendary Items

By MueR on dinsdag 2 december 2008 14:28 - Comments (5)
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With the introduction of the Mines of Moria to the world that is Lord of the Rings Online, a brand new system has been introduced, unseen in MMO land. Where traditional MMOs allow you to level a character to a certain point, known as a level cap, armours, weapons and the likes have always been static. You've obtained the item and that was it. Mines of Moria changes this forever.

The Legendary Item (LI) system currently only works for weapons and class items. Per class, 2 types legendary items can be obtained. All classes have their main-hand weapon available as a legendary weapon. In addition to that, either a class item or ranged weapon is available, depending on class. Hunters and Wardens get a ranged weapon, the other classes a class item.

The Mines of Moria storyline is known as Volume II, where the original Shadows of Angmar was Volume I. Volume II Book 1 takes you to the Sirannon river bed, leading to the Wall of Moria. While you perform various errands for the Dwarves who plan to venture into Moria, you get closer and closer to that first Legendary weapon.

To obtain a legendary item, one must follow the main storyline in Mines of Moria. You might find items before you do this, but they will be of no use. Unless you like staring at them of course. You will be able to find items ranging from purple (Rare) to Legendary (Teal) or Epic (Gold) quality. I have heard Epics only drop from the Vile Maw instance, but that is yet to be confirmed. Legendary items certainly do drop from random mobs.

Legendary Item Icons
Slotted Epic, Identified Epic, Unidentified Epic, Incomparable, Rare

Once you have obtained this weapon, it is still of little use. You are sent on a mightly long hiking trip, all the way back to Rivendell or Thorin's Hall. Befriending a Hunter who can taxi you around is recommended. Once you get to one of the above places, look for the Forge-Master. This NPC can identify your item, unveiling it's legacies.

Whats legacies, Precioussss?
http://tweakers.net/ext/f/b74wOGI8vxzzSkiEA12AqM58/thumb.jpgLegacies are bonusses to a weapon that have a positive influence on your skills, as shown here. They can do all sorts of things, such as decrease power cost, increase critical ratings, increase stealth levels and so much more. While they all start at rank 1, there are subtle differences in the various icons you can encounter with legacies. They are divided into 6 tiers, as shown below. While the tiers do not alter the legacy in any way, they do modify the amounts of legacy points you have to spend on them.

The various tiers of legacies you can encounter.

Legacy points you say? Yes. When you achieve a new level with a weapon, the item gains a number of legacy points. These points you can invest in the legacies, improving their efficiency. The lower a legacy's tier, the higher the cost to level it up. Naturally, as a legacy ranks up, costs will increase, but bringing a tier 6 legacy up to rank 9 is going to be much cheaper.

Upon identifying, the legacies of an item will be unveiled as I stated earlier. This will be 2 to 4 legacies per weapon, no matter if it's rare, legendary or epic. However, Legendary or Epic weapons have a possibility to contain more legacies at it's maximum level. Also, as an item progresses, it can gain more legacies and upgrade existing ones. The higher your item, the better the additional legacies or upgrades will become.

Every ten levels, your item will require reforging if it is to make any further progress. Upon reforging, you have the option to reset all Legacy Points and Relics on the item, allowing you to reassign them all. But wait, there is more. Like I said above, an item can gain new legacies. The system grants a new legacy at levels 10, 30 and 50. Due to the effort it takes to level an item, a gold legacy is always added at level 50, so you won't be stuck with some bronze legacy. At level 20 and 40, an existing legacy will be upgraded by two tiers of quality.

The Legendary Item Panel

Managing Legendary Items
In the above screenshot, you see the Legendary Item Panel. In this window you will manage your Legendary Items, assigning legacy points and managing the relics in the item. The yellow bar indicates your progress to your next level. In this case, the item is in need of reforging. It has a surplus of Item Experience Points, which can only be caused by applying Heritage Runes on an item. When an item is in need of reforging, it will not gain experience points in the normal way: killing NPCs or solving quests.

Items can be slotted by opening an unused tab in the Legendary Item Panel and selecting an item from the list. Alternatively, open the panel and drag an identified item to the empty slot. Using the drag method, you can also re-arrange your legendary panel, keeping your main weapons at the front. You can only slot items you are eligible to equip. Items who's level is too high for example, cannot be equipped. Once an item is slotted, you only need to carry it around in your bag to have it gather IXP. You can not unslot Legendary Items. Removing a Legendary can only be done by deconstructing it at a Relic Master NPC, usually found next to a Forge-Master.

Heritage Runes are items which can be obtained from NPCs or by deconstructing Legendary Items. The NPC variants are random drops, ranging from 1000 to 4000 IXP per rune. The real good runes are obtained by Deconstructing old Legendary Items. When a Legendary Item has reached level 11 or above, it will return a Rune on deconstruction. The amount of IXP this Rune yields is randomized, up to 50% of the item's total IXP. The largest amount of IXP on a single rune has been reported to be well over a million. Now that's a nice start for a new weapon.

Deconstructing will also return some Relics. These relics also are buffs that can be applied to an item. They will not affect your skills, but your character's statistics. The number of relics that will be returned also depends on the level of an item. At level 1, an item will only return a single relic of tier 1. At level 2, this has increased to at least 3, so it is worth taking the time to level an item at least once. Further levels to note when it comes to relics are 11, 21, 31 and 41. They will yield more and better relics. There is a small chance you will receive a Legendary Shard, which can be used by crafters to make new Legendary Items.

The last thing worth explaining is Relic Forging. There are 8 tiers of relics. These relics have increasingly better bonusses for your character. Typically, you will end up with a lot of tier 1 and tier 2 relics. Relic Forging is the answer. You will need 5 relics of a tier to reforge them, returning 1 to 3 relics of a higher tier. There is a small chance you get a critical forge, which can return relics up to three tiers above the combined relics.

That is all for now. I'll keep trying to find some logic behind the system and further expand the already quite detailed explanation on Legendary Items. If you've gotten through to here: Impressive!

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By Tweakers user Simon Verhoeven, woensdag 3 december 2008 13:26

Nice post, I'd just add that the border colour depends on the legendary slot that it's put in.

By Tweakers user The Flying Dutchman, woensdag 10 december 2008 10:22

A nice description of legendary items. I wonder though: is there some amount of `tier points' that are spread over the different legacies when you identify an item? For example, you could find a item with three legacies which tiers sum up to 8 (3 + 3 + 2), or you could find an item with two legacies that also sum up to 8 (4 + 4, or 5 + 3). Any thoughts about this? At my computer at home I have an excel sheet with the specs of 26 captain's lvl 55 emblems that I bartered. I'll check that myself to see what the average amount of tier points is and if there is a lot of variance.

I just wonder if it would be possible, if you are very lucky, to identify an item with four tier 6 legacies...

By Tweakers user MueR, woensdag 10 december 2008 11:07

Well, I'm carrying a sword that came with 4 legacies, all tier 4. That makes 16, so there goes your theory :p

By Tweakers user The Flying Dutchman, woensdag 10 december 2008 11:15

The sum of legacies was of course an example, in fact sum of tiers of the items I use are a lot closer to 16 then to 8.

But there might still be some average and variance around which the sum of legacies tiers lies (lets put it the other way around: there is an average and there is an variance). The question is, are there any borders for the range of tier points spend on the legacies? Have you seen items that only have one tier 1 legacy? Or have you seen items that have four tier 6 legacies?

By Tweakers user MueR, woensdag 10 december 2008 11:17

I have seen items that have 3 tier 6 and one tier 5 legacy, so I assume four tier 6 legacies are possible.

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