The Rune-Keeper - an introduction

By MueR on maandag 17 november 2008 12:00 - Comments (4)
Category: Mines of Moria, Views: 9.394

"Able to utilize the true power of words and writing, a Rune-keeper can devastate enemies or inspire allies. Rune-keepers wield elemental Rune-stones which are covered with writing. Through these stones and other tools, the Rune-keeper is able to harness runic energy and rain destruction or restore morale."

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The Warden - an introduction

By MueR on maandag 17 november 2008 11:45 - Comments are closed
Category: Mines of Moria, Views: 4.233

"Devoted to slowing the encroaching evil of Sauron, the Warden protects those who cannot protect themselves. A fierce determination to succeed at her given task inspires the Warden, and allows her to keep up her own morale through even the darkest of battles."

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Looking back

By MueR on vrijdag 13 juni 2008 12:24 - Comments (4)
Category: Raids / Instances, Views: 4.741

Somewhere in March of this year, the Raids'R'Us group was leaderless. As one of the raid leaders, I discussed the downfall of this group with some of the members. The decision to usurp command was quickly taken, none of us wanted to see it disappear. Three months further, reflecting back on the last few months seems like a good idea.

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The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu - deel 2 nl

Door MueR op vrijdag 21 maart 2008 11:21 - Reacties (2)
Categorie: Raids / Instances, Views: 2.550

Zoals ik in het vorige deel vertelde, heb ik een groepje meegenomen naar The Rift, een high level instance in The Lord of the Rings Online. In het eerste deel vertelde ik over onze eerste avond daar binnen, nu volgt de tweede avond.

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