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Everything related to the new content in the first Lord of the Rings Online expansion will be posted here.

An introduction to Legendary Items

By MueR on dinsdag 2 december 2008 14:28 - Comments (5)
Category: Legendary Items, Views: 10.170

With the introduction of the Mines of Moria to the world that is Lord of the Rings Online, a brand new system has been introduced, unseen in MMO land. Where traditional MMOs allow you to level a character to a certain point, known as a level cap, armours, weapons and the likes have always been static. You've obtained the item and that was it. Mines of Moria changes this forever.

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Angrenel goes Runing...

By MueR on donderdag 20 november 2008 08:45 - Comments (4)
Category: Mines of Moria, Views: 4.770

This post was written by Raedwulf, a raid leader of the Raids'R'Us group.

Yes, Runing; not running! Given what I'm like as a Loremaster, every cat that expressed an opinion reckoned I'd be going for a Runekeeper. Who am I to disappoint, eh? I took Angrenar for a run on the afternoon of the first day & got him more or less to the end of the Intro & L5; then as others came on in the evening, starting their Wardens & Keepers, out he came for some more practice, this time in fellowship. Most of the time, we had 2 Wardens (Rhyaewald & Tierlo), & 2 Keepers (Feylanna (Sil) & myself), briefly adding a 3rd Warden who happened to be in the vicinity. By the end of the night, we were all level 12, I think, so these comments should reflect a nice mix of the early stages of the new stuff.

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The Warden - First Impressions

By MueR on woensdag 19 november 2008 10:10 - Comments are closed
Category: Mines of Moria, Views: 3.739

With the release of Lord of the Rings Online: The Mines of Moria, we have seen the addition of the Warden class. After the short introduction to the class earlier, I've been able to play a Warden last night. My first impression: it's good!.


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The Rune-Keeper - an introduction

By MueR on maandag 17 november 2008 12:00 - Comments (4)
Category: Mines of Moria, Views: 9.405

"Able to utilize the true power of words and writing, a Rune-keeper can devastate enemies or inspire allies. Rune-keepers wield elemental Rune-stones which are covered with writing. Through these stones and other tools, the Rune-keeper is able to harness runic energy and rain destruction or restore morale."

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The Warden - an introduction

By MueR on maandag 17 november 2008 11:45 - Comments are closed
Category: Mines of Moria, Views: 4.253

"Devoted to slowing the encroaching evil of Sauron, the Warden protects those who cannot protect themselves. A fierce determination to succeed at her given task inspires the Warden, and allows her to keep up her own morale through even the darkest of battles."

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